KickStart Facial

An introductory DermaFix Facial which includes a professional skin analysis, deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation masque and broad spectrum protection
using DermaFix products. Can be customized to the clients skin care concerns. This facial contains no advanced treatments.


Oily Skin Facial

This is a powerful treatment that promotes healing and reduces inflammation. A progressive treatment that assists with the control of acne. Increases vascular activity and promotes cell renewal, as well as deep cleansing and pore minimizing.


DMAE Firming Enzyme

Ageing skins. Powerful lifting and toning masque. Speeds up metabolic & enzymatic activities, regenerates skin and increases lymphatic drainage.


Hyperpigmentation Facial

This anti-oxidant facial contains a blend of active ingredients focusing on targeting melanin. Excellent brightening effectiveness, ideal for clients with sun damaged skin. If dark marks or hyper-pigmentation are your concern, then this is the one for you! Regulate the formation of hyperpigmentation at cellular level – home-care compliance is key!


Sensitive/Rosacea Facial

The very specific anti-inflammatory protocol program for environmentally damaged, problematic sensitized and Rosacea skins. A gentle, calming and soothing experience with the use of supporting home care being essential..


Corrective Facial (Dry, Dehydrated)

Lipid dry is oil dry skin, lacking essential oils while,Dehydrated is water deficient skin needing Hyaluronic relief. You will notice an “instant plumping” of finelines and wrinkles. Your skin will be nourished and hydrated.


Dermaplaning Facial

The use of a sterile surgical scalpel that is used on the face removing vellus hair and dead skin cells, which is on the top layer of the skin, reducing the effects of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. 


DermaFix LED Light therapy Masque

DermaFix LED Masque is a device that emits light of various wavelengths in order to stimulate or activate different responses within the skin. As the light varies in wavelength, so does the colour of the light emitted change accordingly to the specific wavelength used. Typical colours used may include green, red and blue.