Brow Lamination originated in Russia and is designed to create fluffy, fuller and longer looking eyebrows! This innovative technique is used to smoothe, straighten and lift the brow hairs into a more vertical position to create the illusion of more defined looking eyebrows. Whether your brows are over-plucked, unruly, thinning or has gaps, this new procedure will lift them up to conceal any flaws. Think of this as a Lash Lift, but for your brows!




Price for 1 minute

Brow Lamination & Tint


Duration: 60 mins 

Will I go orange?

The only way that an orange colour will develop is by having been over sprayed or going too dark for your skin type. Our technicians have been trained to avoid this method at all costs and will assist you when coming for your next spray tan by assessing your skin type.

What should I wear after my spray tan?

Whatever a client feels most comfortable in e.g. underwear, swimwear or in the nude. (Please note solution is completely water soluble and washes out of clothing).

How long does a spray tan last for?

It is extremely important that one wears loose and dark clothing after each spray tan as the excess will come off on your clothing. This is only for the initial time period until your first shower.